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Subject SILAN News & New product
Date 2014-05-09
*News: SILAN certified by DQS for ISO/TS 16949 : 2009, (Nov.19, 2013)

*New Product :  SC9308, Audio System Control MCU With Analog Radio Function
Product No
- Product Name
Audio System Control MCU With Analog Radio Function
Product description
SC9308 is a SOC based on Silan’s 8-bit MCU SC65X for analog radio DFR control with low voltage low power consumption. Built-in LCD driver which can drive max. 4X14 segments display, 31 configurable I/O ports and three 8-bit counters, two of which can be combined to achieve 16 timing length; Built-in real time clock ensures the system uninterrupted counting when it is in sleep state; 11 interrupt sources, including four external interrupts, enabling the system to respond quickly to internal or external events. Multi-mode optional serial communication circuits greatly increase the system’s scalability. Built-in 3.2MHz RC oscillator with external 75kHz oscillator can achieve the perfect balance between power and speed. In high speed application, it can extend external high frequency crystal through PC.4/5 pin, maximum up to 6MHz.
  • Memory 384-byte data memory 8K-byte program memory (OTP)
  • I/O configuration General-purpose I/O: 17 pins with pull up resistor; SEG: also can be used as I/O.
  • LCD controller/driver Drive 7 words display max. 14 SEG x 4 COM Display mode: duty, bias can be programmable
  • 8–bit timer/counter T0/T1/T2 Timing time can be set by program External events counting Arbitrary clock frequency output T0/T1 can be 16-bit counter
  • A/D converter 4-channels with 8-bit conversion precision External reference voltage selectable Battery voltage monitor
  • Clock source External clock source: 75kHz Crystal Built-in RC oscillator: 3.2MHz; Extension Crystal: 2~6MHz(VDD>2.4V@4MHz)
  • RTC Year/month/day display Provide BCD code data directly Leap year auto adjust Timing alarm
  • Local oscillator frequency counting circuit Local oscillator: FM frequency range: 30MHz~150MHz AM frequency range: 0.5MHz~30MHz Counter: 16-bit, gate time 1/4/8ms
  • UART serial communication interface 2-line Asynchronous communication Communication speed can be selected flexibly Quick interrupt response
  • Operating voltage range: 3.3V ~3.6V
  • Built-in reference VREF=1.23V±5%
  • Interrupt source 5 external interrupts, maskable 6 internal interrupts, maskable
  • Widely applied in portable audio control system with LCD.