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Subject EON News
Date 2014-05-09
Eon Launched the 256Mb Serial Flash Memory

Eon Silicon Solution Inc. launched a new generation of high-density single-chip 256Mb Serial (SPI) Flash Memory, EN25QF256 series, in the first quarter of 2012. The serial parts can be widely used in network communications, safety industry, high-end set-top boxes and other consumer electronic products. The popularity of smart phones, tablet PCs and other mobile devices has led to the growth of internet communication market. Because of the development of cloud-computing technology, the high-end digital set-top box provides more content sources for TV, and supports a variety of interactive consumer video services. Besides, due to prices decreasing, the security monitoring system is getting popular and universal from the enterprise market to the home market.
    In addition to the standard 8-pin SPI simplifies system hardware design and is compatible with the 128Mb and lower densities, EN25QF256 also provides the standard 3byte address normal read and fast read comments in the command set to solve communication problems effectively between the main chip and flash memory after the system reboot.
    Eon Silicon Solution Inc., a professional IC design company, focusing on the design and sales of flash memory has built up a complete product line including the Parallel Flash Memory, Serial Flash Memory and Security Flash Memory. The density covers 1Mb ~ 256Mb NOR Flash of the standard 3.3V and low power consumption 1.8V. With the migration of the applications for car, mobile phone and other consumer electronic products from Parallel Flash Memory to the Serial Flash Memory, Eon Silicon Solution Inc. increases the resources for Serial Flash to follow the market trend and continues to upgrade the product specifications.